Hi, I'm Jamie

Senior Product Designer with 12+ years of experience. Currently working at Bupa, where I have been designing a React Native component library to drive efficiency in the design and development process.


12 years of experience having worked in the following agency, studio, freelance and in-house product. Here's what people over the years have said what it's like working with me.

Jamie joined our team to oversee the strategy, development, maintenance and communications surrounding our Design System. Jamie's former experience was certainly put to the test when inheriting this initiative: hundreds of components, dozens of variants, whacky naming conventions, countless engineers, and aspirations of supporting various highly-customized consumer products AND multiple internal tools. Yet, Jamie rose to the challenge.

Beginning with an audit, and multiple conversations with various designers, developers, and other stakeholders, Jamie established new processes for additions, updates and enhancements to our components, including a formal “Request for Change” process published to Confluence. Through such ongoing partnerships, Jamie became the liaison between Engineering and Design to ensure questions were answered, a feedback loop was established, and the Design System was consumed and performed as intended.

One of our strongest collaborators, and clearest communicators, Jamie was thoughtful and flexible when working with other Design Team members - many of whom had limited Figma experience and/or no understanding of React. I don’t believe Jamie knew precisely what he was getting himself into with Truepill, but I know that the business could not have gotten this far without him. With a fantastic attitude, clear focus and determination, Jamie would be an amazing addition to any company building innovative product experiences.

From Steve Pecko | Head of Design at Truepill
  • strategy
  • communications
  • support

As the owner of Truepill's design system, Jamie was in a unique position - part designer, part PM. The execution of Jamie's design work was always of a high standard - detailed, conscientious, refined, thoughtful and methodical. Owning the design system challenged him to grow new skills and approaches, challenges he took on with enthusiasm.

Jamie was very focused on the usability and accessibility of all patterns and components and a strong advocate for a user centered approach, often having to stand firm in discussions which could have resulted in a sub-standard user experience.

During the time we worked together he grew in confidence, taking on the nascent design system, maturing it and working closely with multiple teams of designers, engineers and product owners. Indeed, he probably touched base with more teams than any other member of the design team.

I'm confident when I say Jamie could strengthen any design team.

Craig Whetherall | Design Direction at Truepill
  • advocacy
  • collaboration
  • decision making

Jamie is a solid designer with lots of experience. He has the ability to not only produce great visuals but also think about them functionally.

He has a keen eye for design systems and is great at collating, democratising and documenting patterns and experiences. He's an analytical thinker and would be an asset to any company looking for a great UI, UX or design systems designer.

Steven Roberts | Senior UI Designer at MoneySupermarket
  • analytical
  • democratising
  • documentation

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