How I can help

People who have worked with me say I'm articulate, collaborative and able to clearly understand a clients needs. I'm a courteous and helpful person and a true team asset helping to lay the foundations for a great project outcome. See for yourself

I can help throughout the process of creating user journeys, wireframing, prototyping to designing the user interface.

We all know the importance of designing usable and accessible end-to-end digital experiences. Some of these experiences can end up tasteless in their visual style. What I bring to the table is that blend between well-informed design and visually stunning designs.

I'll collaborate closely with your team of Designers, Developers, Project Managers and Researchers to make this happen.

Here are a few key things I can help with:

  • Experience designing with accessibility, usability and empathy throughout the design process.
  • Creation of user journeys, user flows, wireframes/sketching, prototyping with tools such as InVision..
  • Ability to communicate work and give recommendations to clients and internal teams.
  • Creation of rapid HTML/CSS prototypes.
  • Ability to review development process, ensuring accessibility, design and usability is being met.
  • Creation of pattern-libraries/style guides

Ready to talk?

I'm looking to work on short to mid-term contracts. Drop me an email, so we can arrange a call or meeting.

Get in touch,

Always the professional, he executes considered, effective digital design with a good grounding in technical constraints and current design trends. He is articulate and able to communicate directly with client stakeholders as well as direct, collaborate and support development teams.

Adam Hopwood, Design Lead at CodeComputer Love


Here is a collection of books and videos I'm curating, most of what you'll find won't neccessarily link to design practices. These books and videos are items I've chosen to own to self improve and enhance my life. See the collection