What software and hardware I use in my everyday workflow

I want to share what software and hardware I use on a daily basis. I'd also love to hear about you're tools of choice.

Posted by [email protected] on Aug 15, 2017

Desktop Apps

I design solely in Sketch (who wouldn't?).

SkyFonts it gives you the option to install open sourced fonts from Google or purchases from Fonts.com, MyFonts, Linotype and Monotype.

Slack for communication and following various design/dev channels.

My Site 

Atom is my editor of choice, created by GitHub. I use the Dark UI Option called 'One Dark Theme' coupled with the syntax theme, Solarized Dark. I've installed File Icons, so my directory within Atom displays with the relevant language icon.

iTerm2 is a fantastic alternative to Mac's default editor Terminal, it's quite feature rich. I've installed Powerline this gives me a clear visual representation of which git branch and directory I'm currently working within. 

I use VirtualBox that is running a Vagrant server on a Ubuntu Virtual Machine; this allows me to setup a local environment for my Craft CMS powered my site. It also allows me to closely replicate my Digital Ocean VPS.

CodeKit to compile and notify me of any lint issues with my syntax or code. 

Laravel Forge to deploy the code to my DO server


I'm working on a MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014) that is sitting to my left; with a DELL 24" U2414H Display in my center. It's a great monitor with a non-glare screen and comes with an array of cables.

LED lights behind my desk to create some ambience.